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Poker Run Sheets

Page 1 has room for 25 Players Names and is Numbered 1 to 25 
   (   5 Card  Master Sheet   )

Page 2  is Unnumbered you can mark the Numbers in Ink for any hands above 25.
 (Unnumbered 5 Card Hand Master Sheet)

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Now Available 7 Card Poker Hand Sheets ( 7 Card Master Sheet ) ( 7 Card Unnumbered Master Sheet )

Having the unnumbered sets allows you the option to print of as many of the these sheets as you may feel necessary for your Poker Run.

Secondary Master Sheets for Card Stop # 2  to Stop # 7 are done similar to the Main Master

 ( 2nd Stop Numbered Sheet ) ( 3rd Stop Numbered Sheet  ) ( 4th Stop Numbered Sheet )

(  5th Stop Numbered Sheet ) (  6th Stop Numbered Sheet ) (  7th  Stop Numbered Sheet  )

Page 1 of each  # stops Numbered 1 to 25 and page 2 is not numbered so you can print what you may feel necessary for your Poker Run.

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Explanation of Secondary Master Sheets for Card Stops #2  to #7

I have added these Sheets so if you have the Luxury of having separately staffed and manned poker stops.

This so that you have Secondary Master Poker Sheets to record of what cards are drawn at the 2nd, to the 7th stops with out having the Main Master sheet being Moved from stop to stop and waiting for everyone to draw and record there Information. .

( 2nd Stop Unnumbered Sheet  ) ( 3rd  Stop Unnumbered Sheet )  (  4th Stop Unnumbered Sheet )

 ( 5th Stop Unnumbered Sheet  ) (  6th Stop Unnumbered Sheet ) (  7th Stop Unnumbered Sheet)

At the end of the Day or a pre set time that all must be Finished Drawing there cards, the records of the Secondary master Sheets from the 2nd  to the 7th card stops are added to the Main Master Sheet too determine the winner of the Poker Run.

Everyone needs to know where they stand with there Poker hands how good it is or how bad Your Hands so I have added this Simple ( Poker Card Rating Sheet )

One Option that we have added to our Poker runs, is that for some reason a person can not finish the Poker Run or they Miss a Card Stop that they can Pull their Cards at the End of the Poker Run or have someone else pull their cards for them as long as it is before the Cut off time.

You should Specify No exceptions any hands not pulled prior to Cut off Time are considered Null and Void. 

The Benefits of having staffed and manned poker stops is that your Poker Run entries do not leave at the same time and arrive at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stops at the same time. And there will not be as a large amount of Entries arriving at each Stop and waiting time for them will be cut down somewhat, all so not all Riders are comfortable riding in large Groups for various reasons such as New Riders, or the Carrying of a young Passenger (child) .And of course there are the Rider's who just can not contain them selves for that need to Speed and go just a wee bit above the Posted Road Limits. 

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  Players Poker Hand Record Sheet

For the Printing of the Players poker Hand Record Sheets I recommend that you use 110 # Card Stock when printing or at least a minimum weight of 65 # card stock this way you can buy Different colour card stock, all though any paper can be used, it is all up to you what you want and how much time and effort you want to invest.
 ( 5 Stop Players Record Card )
& ( 7 Stop Players Record Card )
The Card Sheet I have made up has Nine Player Cards per Sheet, Which can be cut between the Lines. These can be hand out to the players to keep and carry with them self’s during the Poker Run and who knows they can have it as a keepsake

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Other Sources for Poker Run information will be add and can be found at these Link location
 Planning That Poker Run