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Month: May 2016

Four Great Remodel Tips for your Kitchen

As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. But where is the heart of our home? Each room can have a special meaning or purpose, and the kitchen is no different. More and more, many believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. For that reason, it is important to consider these four kitchen remodel ideas if you’re planning a renovation:

1. Lighting

Great lighting isn’t just for your living room or bathroom—it’s just as important in your kitchen. In addition to your ceiling fixture, consider installing lighting under your cabinets in the form of sconces, rope lighting, or recessed. If you have a separate eating area in your kitchen, think about adding soft lighting in that area for additional ambiance.

2. Color

It’s important to love your kitchen’s color because we spend so much time there. Think about attractive colors that inspire and set the mood you want to convey. View samples and swatches to find your perfect colors.

Kitchen Remodel Idea

3. Counter tops

Choose a counter top that works best with your taste and lifestyle. While making your selection, don’t forget to consider factors such as how to clean/maintain your counter top and how it will blend with your kitchen’s overall design.

4. Organization

Whether it is pots and pans, dishes, or silverware, make sure that you have sufficient cabinet, drawer, and shelving space. If it’s feasible, you may even want to consider adding fixtures to hang some utensils and pans overhead—especially those you use frequently.
Working with great designers and builders is key to obtaining your dream kitchen. Be sure to log on to for more ideas and to contact an experienced team member for a personal consultation.